Bony Mountain Low

Finding Work

We returned to our adventurers the Diamond Bats and their new companion Warsaw as they were reeling from an attack in Narra’s port square. Reports were coming in saying there had been an explosion that stemmed from a recognized dwarf with a crystal-crusted body who was said to be associated with the Diamond Bats. With widespread tension and suspicion pointing to the Diamond Bats, they were taken off all open cases and suspended without contract.

With nothing to do, the Diamond Bats started looking around. Warsaw joined Vaeril to shake up a contact in the docks quarter and they were able to hear about some black-and-red-robed pirates that had come into town just before the blast. Directly after the blast, the pirates were seen carrying a dwarf shaped bundle to their boats before they left the port and Narra.

Quest and Digby asked around in the local pubs, and heard that there were a number of issues popping up – more undead coming into town, albeit friendly; reports of large bugs taking over the northern parts of town; requests for fighters to take over a goblin-infested series of strategic bridges. None seemed interesting, so they continued to check around town to see what could information could be found.

With no interest to pursue the intrigue around town, the Diamond Bats returned to their home. A knock at the door the next day brought an undead representative to their door with an offer to hunt the source of the rising undead.



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