Bony Mountain Low

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Hired on for Travel

The undead representative at the door introduced himself as Errnerrd and explained that the undead workers’ party was concerned about the continuing flow of their kind into Narra. The workers were happy to have found a place in Narra but knew in their undead hearts that no good can come from such a high number of reanimated corpses shambling from the mountains.

Errnerrd went on to recruit the Diamond Bats and Warsaw to journey to a place called Crag Keep, high in the mountains. About a week’s journey, he explained that the undead workers were offering to pay for the Diamond Bats’ part in traveling to Crag Keep to discover the source of reanimation. The Diamond Bats were not keen on the idea until they asked how much they would be reimbursed; 1000gp before travel expenses. After being made such an offer, the Diamond Bats and Warsaw were certainly keen to join

The team was given a day to prepare for the journey. Most members of the team went to the stables to discuss hors_es. Quest bartered the stablemaster for his hunting dog, Blue, and gained the fairly small dog as a companion.

Warsaw decided to visit the undead workers’ meeting hall to find out more information and talk to their leader. There he spoke with Eddwiinn, who explained the story that most of the reanimated workers had been able to put together:

“Wee haave aalll agreeeed thaat wee haavve comme fromm the moouuntaains of Craaag Keeep, but wee doon’t recalll aaanythiing froom beefoore thee forrressstss. Wee musst haaave waaalked doownnhill, aand eeveryythiing from wheen wee staarteed to waaake to Naarra waas a bluurr. Aat fiiirst it waas juusst a feww of uuus, but thooose_ of uuus that aarriived fiirst weelcommed any neewcommmers. Wee beegaan in the seewweerrs, fearing aattaackss aand miisuunndersstaanndinng, but we werre leeeft mooostly to ouuurseeelvves. We aasked aaroound aaboout worrk, ooofferring to worrrk for neearrrly freee as we donn’t need food or driink, annd foounnd eeasy worrk at the dooocks. Fromm theere we werre aaable to barrrterr hooousing and thiis meetinng haaall. The sourrce of our riisinng is a myystery, buut we feel it is our reesponnsibilityy to fiinnd the caause and ennd it if neecessarryy.”

Bored to near sleep with the explanation, Warsaw accepted the leader’s good tidings and met Errnerrd for them to leave. Outside the hall they ran in to Elom and Gideon, generals of the town guard. They explained that they approved of the use of the Diamond Bats’ time. Elom explained that he expected the cause of the rising to be due to a magical artifact and warned that others would likely seek the source as well for their own purposes.

With Warsaw and Errnerrd meeting back up with the group at the edge of the city, the troop took to the road. Magical berries were found on the roadside that granted invisibility when eaten. Apes (4) were encountered in a clearing. After six hours of traveling on horseback the group arrived at Voldin, the first town on their way through the forest.

Voldin is a small, walled hamlet some outside farmland and internal stables. As the group approached they were met by a stocky town guard with some missing fingers named Griff. Introducing themselves to Griff, many under false names, the group learned that there is only one inn in the village. The Diamond Bats, along with Warsaw and Errnerrd, traveled to the Sleeping Dog Inn to find rooms and refreshment. Inside the Sleeping Dog Inn was a standard tavern. Errnerrd arranged horse care and two rooms for the group, immediately retiring upstairs. Quest chose to sit down to dinner while others joined Errnerrd upstairs. Fearing for his treatment as an undead traveler the group decided to apply a passable disguise. The group then went on to enjoy their evening before retiring for the night.

The next morning, Vaeril and Quest ventured to the village Trading Post to exchange the salvaged skin from an Ape. Quest was able to get a decent price for the hide, and Vaeril decided a fur jacket would be a good idea for the mountains.

Fully provisioned and rested, the group returned to the road.

Finding Work
We returned to our adventurers the Diamond Bats and their new companion Warsaw as they were reeling from an attack in Narra’s port square. Reports were coming in saying there had been an explosion that stemmed from a recognized dwarf with a crystal-crusted body who was said to be associated with the Diamond Bats. With widespread tension and suspicion pointing to the Diamond Bats, they were taken off all open cases and suspended without contract.

With nothing to do, the Diamond Bats started looking around. Warsaw joined Vaeril to shake up a contact in the docks quarter and they were able to hear about some black-and-red-robed pirates that had come into town just before the blast. Directly after the blast, the pirates were seen carrying a dwarf shaped bundle to their boats before they left the port and Narra.

Quest and Digby asked around in the local pubs, and heard that there were a number of issues popping up – more undead coming into town, albeit friendly; reports of large bugs taking over the northern parts of town; requests for fighters to take over a goblin-infested series of strategic bridges. None seemed interesting, so they continued to check around town to see what could information could be found.

With no interest to pursue the intrigue around town, the Diamond Bats returned to their home. A knock at the door the next day brought an undead representative to their door with an offer to hunt the source of the rising undead.

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